MIND PROBING Bob & Marge – Relationships

In a funk this morning.  Waking early sometime in the night. Very dark.  Very Thirsty, probably mouth breathing.   Then staggering to my bathroom for cold water. 

Up about 5:30 a.m. due to  Mochoa cat.  Meow, meow , meow – Paw, paw, paw.  Very effective…..for her.  Bathroom water still on a run into my sink.  How long…????????.   $$$ to the water company.  Damn!!!.  Off with the water, dress and then to my computer.  Eyes at half-staff,  sleep impossible, maybe later if lucky.




“At a first meeting, Mr. R. F. may seem wary of becoming involved with others.  He is likely to enter into a relationship only with someone who is willing to be a steady and kind partner.

It is best to meet him in a quiet, non-threatening situation. His natural tendency to move slowly is due to his secret fear of being rejected.  If the relationship encounters rough waters, he’s likely to blame himself.”


To the work at hand.    Now Marge’s Prober Results:



“On a casual meeting, Mrs. M. F. may seem to be a likeable sort of person.  If you become further involved with her, you might find that she hides a fair amount of angry feelings.  She may seem to want a smooth satisfying relationship, but be pulled to do things to disrupt it.

You may wonder if someone took advantage of her in the past.  she can be friendly and then turn suddenly to being annoyed or irritated.  It may not be obvious as to why her feelings changed, with the exception that she is likely to attribute her occasional upset to others.”


Analysis and commentary:

WOW, AMAZING!!!!!!!!

A 30 year old DOS program.  $5.95 including manual.  Almost un-thinkable regarding accuracy. What a bargain.  Better than hours with PhD Psychiatrists. Only one-way though.  So what!!! A do-it-yourself project.  Meaning, what meaning?  Of course, the answer,  next closely examining the textual content.  

For myself, Mr. R. F., Bob to you of course.  Wham, bang, nail on the head! First paragraph 100% true, admittedly true…..    “Wary”, yes, also careful, alert, attentive, watchful, and observant. Guilty of the charge.

 Moving on,  ” a quiet non-threatening situation.” Better safe than sorry.  Where?  to a non-threatening location of course.  Starbucks maybe? Perhaps, likely.

But then;  Secret fear? Rejection? A dilemma of course.  A secret, unknown and or unseen.  Perhaps a secret unknown even to myself? Could be, perhaps, maybe so, at least a quandary, a perplexity, an uncertainty. Life itself.

Last sentence: Blaming myself? How often, with what probability? Perhaps the median, 50%.  Just a possibility.  The other 50% , the causation of the parting of ways? Logically,  next then a detailed examination, of the parting.  Good or bad? Hmmmm.  Analysis, sometimes to my rescue, sometimes to my downfall.  Here, me, asking for, looking for the sequence of events, assumptions, values, styles on each side of the failed relationship.   Hopefully, a learning experience. Maybe not.

Now Marge:  “may be puzzling.”  Indeed – extremely accurate.  My experience exactly. Experience of our marriage, though not dating. Curious, very curious. Puzzling even.  

So condensed, so true to life, this Mind Prober analysis. Marge, a psychological bomb, hidden angry feelings, ready to explode at any moment, unexpected.

Marge, “someone took advantage of her in the past”  yes.  At least once, probably more often.  Her secrets, her fears exactly.

 Attributing upset to others, blaming them? Yes, frequently blaming Mr. R. F., me, Bob, moi, etc. 



Seems obvious. Me, “preferring a reliable, accepting companion.”  Marge’s approach, puzzling indeed. One moment, friendly, the next “being very annoyed or irritated,” blaming others, disruptive. Then the hidden bomb.  BANG!!! BOOOM!!!……BIG surprise indeed.

So, ours often a troubled marital relationship.  Not always, when good, very good, when bad, very bad. Polar extremities. Get through it? Yes. Meant for each other? Yes, ………..eventually.  

Authors note:

I believe my past posts have become unnecessarily wordy and sometimes logically disconnected.  I am trying a new style of writing, constrained writing, to correct this.  A link to a site explaining this style follows: The train from nowhere.  If you are confused by this change, click the link.  Stay tuned, more to come. Relationships are only one, though an important one, of the many factors described in Mind Prober.

And now, for a change of pace,  my neighborhood at sunrise.

Sunrise over Durango

Sunrise over Durango

Sunrise over Durango

Sunrise over Durango

Sunrise over Durango

Sunrise over Durango

Sunrise over Durango

Sunrise over Durango


















About R. F.

I am a retired Professional Engineer who spent my working life in the electric utility industry. I am now a volunteer instructor at the University Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV).
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4 Responses to MIND PROBING Bob & Marge – Relationships

  1. Allan T says:

    Wow, very neat. I mean that in the sense that it is so right on! Of course my interaction with Margery was not as intense as yours; but yes as the saying goes, “been there, done that” with her.
    It was so confusing as to what I said wrong, or misunderstood. Now I know why, if I only knew this then, it would have saved me time feeling bad about what was said or done to upset her.

    • R.J.F. says:

      Allan, I really appreciate, and look forward to your comments. You knew Marge quite a while, but in a different environment than I did and you validate the way I felt and went through with her. I am sorry you were feeling bad about what you said but I really understand. She could change almost in the blink of an eye and the grenade would go off. Maybe something completely unrelated had been building up.
      I do wish she had shared this program with me, and not have to wait 30 years to take it myself. In a neutral setting I think sharing, as I am trying to do now, would possibly had led to less distress, but better late than never. thanks

  2. ingridmg2014 says:

    I enjoyed the new style–but I have enjoyed your previous posts as well. Then again, I am biased. 😉 I agree, it is mind-blowing–the accuracy of this old program. Will have to check it out for myself, maybe over the weekend.

    • R.J.F. says:

      Thanks Ingrid, there are 2 youtube videos of it in operation. It will not run on Windows later than XP, which fortunately I still have an operating one.

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