On The Road…In PA

Apologies to Jack Kerouac but I couldn’t resist. Marge and I have discussed buying a travel trailer.  Really, it was my idea but of course it was a joint decision to make.  I have no idea why, it just seemed as though it would be fun.  We bought a used two-year old model, I can’t remember the make now.  It was a 22′ model, very well laid out and suitable for our entire family.  Marge would agree to camping if she had a double bed, bathroom, gas heater,  range and sink, which this one had in compact form.  Our 70 Ford station wagon needed some beefing up and then we got the trailer home, and I managed, for the first time, to back it into the spot for it in our drive. Hooray for me, a cinch. Or at least I thought so then. Live and learn.

When I was looking at trailers in the spring show, I got into conversation with a guy  seasoned in this hobby.  I still remember his remark about buying “If you can get a good night’s sleep in one, you can put up with anything, if you can’t, you can put up with nothing.” Very sage, so that evening we left the kids in the house and set up the double bed to  verify that.  The heater was comfortable as was the bed, though we didn’t spend the night sleeping.  A personal life mystery is why some times we could make love and it was excellent for both of us, other times just go through the motions, have a smoke roll over and go to sleep. The smoke bit is just a stale gag from “B” movies. Forget that.  I am sure other couples had similar experiences, we were not alone in that.  Still, it would have been more meaningful and satisfactory if we could have enjoyed the mysterious pleasure of physical union together more often.  

We had a mild winter in 72-73 though with some colds and minor aches from spring yard work, nothing serious.  March did bring a company car to live with us which was much appreciated by all.

This is much shorter than my usual posts but I will write about our first trip the next time as that deserves treatment of its own.


About R. F.

I am a retired Professional Engineer who spent my working life in the electric utility industry. I am now a volunteer instructor at the University Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV).
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4 Responses to On The Road…In PA

  1. Allan T says:

    Hi Robert, I will admit to NEVER HAVING THE URGE to travel in a motor home/trailer. Although my Dad, for years would talk about outfitting an old school buss, and take my MOM and us 4 kids on the road. He never managed that, which to this day I am not sure I am happy or sad about.

    • R. Johann says:

      I never wanted, or had a motor home. We liked to go somewhere for a week or two, park then stay at the beach or wherever. with a motor home they were often followed by a small towed car, so why bother. There was a group we belonged to who went on a weekend trip at least once a month and we did that. We had trailers till about 1984, Louise was growing up and Ingrid married. Also, not so easy here to just get away at a nearby trailer park for a weekend. We sold it to a guy who was a sheet work installer, and went from job to job wherever it was. We bought it used, one year, for $5000 in about 78 or 79 and sold it for $4000 in 84. When I came here, we crossed the country in it and I parked the trailer in an old park that was build for smaller permanent trailers and lived there until school let out. So I think we got our value out of it.

  2. Louise says:

    The way I remember it the area that made up the bed for you and Mom was king sized, not double. I thought that was the deal – since you are both tall she wanted a king-sized bed. It took up the whole end of the trailer when it was made up, and Mom would use the same sheets she used at home. Much different than a double size, which I think would have been very uncomfortable for the two of you.

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