Another New Year – 1974

Here we are again, now in 1974.  I didn’t get around to writing until the end of the month for some unknown reason now, probably the Christmas rush, celebrations, etc.  One of our Christmas day rituals was turning the house intercom to radio Wilmington.  They broadcast all day with proper music and no ads, so we looked forward to that again last month.

Another reason for not writing was that I had contracted a case of the flu, which was quite unpleasant for me.  I stayed home from work on Monday and Tuesday at the end of month.  This was for me  as I felt lousy, and why pass it along to others?  I was up but quite inert, fortunately I had some correspondence lessons to finish.  I sat in a comfortable chair with the lessons and did pass the time away, somewhat productively as I enjoyed the course and did make needed headway on it.  I enjoy the hands on part a bit more, but I enjoy the theory behind the nuts and bolts as well. 

Earlier in the month, I felt better and ambitious.  We have oak parquet floors and I waxed the floors in the family room and dining room.  They look so much better waxed and polished with a glow. The dining room is the one with the small bay window near the chimney.

102 Beverley Hills

102 Beverley Hills

 We had purchased for our dining room an Asian weave area rug from the Hess Department store in Allentown.  That done, we purchased some draperies for the dining room bay window that complemented the rug.  Both made much improvement and we were quite pleased with the look.  When we lived in New York, the children were younger and often spilled part of their meals on the rug, so we were in no hurry to decorate our PA dining room. They have more control now in their eating. 

I think we must have contracted buying fever and took advantage of a closing of a furniture store near my office in town.  We bought a buffet for the dining room, still with me now, four bedroom dressers and a desk.  I think that Ingrid has a few pieces now. At the time we had a ten-year old Rambler station wagon

Rambler Wagon

Rambler Wagon

and I loaded the dressers and desk into the rear.  The buffet is still heavy and I don’t know how I got it home, maybe a friend with a truck helped out.  Whoever it was, thanks a lot. We each took a new dresser and Louise got the desk.  We had used old painted dressers from Mrs. Sutherland and now finally got rid of them. I  refurbished  the oak desk Marge received from her Grandmother. Ingrid received that one replacing the second-hand desk she formerly used. So gradually the house is taking on more of our own wishes and personality.

I have mentioned how much I enjoy woodworking and have started on a 3/4 size grandfather clock, sometimes also named a grandmother clock. My Clock I am not making this from scratch as it is a kit clock, though with some cutting and joining required as well as assembling the lathe turned parts. Unfortunately, one minor part was missing and I sent to the factory requesting this part to complete the clock. The clock works were replaced once and the clock is still with us.  It is a constant reminder of how we loved our first and only brand new house, and the clock I built for it.

I was also working on a ladder back rush seat chart.  When completed, it will be for Louise as it should go well with her desk.  Weaving, if that is the word, the rushes into a seat is the time-consuming part of this task. I am not making another.

I worked on my taxes on Sat. the 26th.  All manual preparation then as computers have not evolved yet.  The interest and taxes on the house increased my deductions, so I should get a refund.  Marge is checking my figures.  She hates to do this, though she is really good with numbers, and usually finds a few more dollars to add to our refund.  Same this year, so I am going to send it in on Monday, and I want to use the refund to pay for paving our gravel driveway in spring.

We had a bit of a January thaw with Sunday the 28th hitting 66 degrees.  PA is a bit warmer than NY, I think because it is further south  and closer to the Atlantic.  We  had a lot a rainy and overcast days.  The plus side is that this weather is ideal for completing inside home improvements.

Based on our experience trailering last year, we plan on taking time off at Easter again this year. This will give us a head start on spring and gasoline appears available and priced in a stable way.  I checked on the trailer and it is holding up well in winter.  We had a bit of leakage from the large roof vent, but not too much, probably due to snow buildup on the roof.  Marge wants to visit her uncle in NC and perhaps tour the Smokies and that is exactly what we plan to do in our Easter vacation.  I like her uncle, he is OK.

The girls continue to do well in school.  Ingrid started her orthodonture, we are in good health and look forward to a fine 1974.  Same wish to you all. 







About R. F.

I am a retired Professional Engineer who spent my working life in the electric utility industry. I am now a volunteer instructor at the University Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV).
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2 Responses to Another New Year – 1974

  1. Allan T says:

    Hi Robert, Janice is sitting here reading with me, she likes your writing( as do I), she thinks you should have been a writer. Anyway, interesting. I myself as stated am not in the least bit handy, but it is neat that others are able to do all these things. Anyway, it all sounds like a neat way to live.
    Take care of yourself.

    • R. Johann says:

      Thanks again for our very kind comments. I don’t think I would have made it as a professional writer, but I try to both recall the past, with the help of old letters and notes, add something of the feelings and emotions of so long ago. It was a neat way to live. I had a good job as a manager for a very well run company, related well with my boss, at that time had a company car and a nice middle class brick home to come to. Marge was a good mother, and like most couples we had some differences, but not violent or long lasting grudges. I think that now, over 35 years ago, those days will never return. I don’t live in the past, but I do cherish it and want to share it using these little blogs.

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