March 1975, Health, Teen Age, Music, Spring

More memories from the past to share.  I rejoice having these letters and notes to refresh my mind.  March brought signs of spring.  I look forward, as usual, to our spring vacation. I had the car serviced for troubles I was aware of, and some items they found so I feel safe and OK there.  I went to the trailer show and didn’t see anything I really liked more than ours, though I hope to have bunk windows put in the rear. They should have been built in when designed as there is no ventilation and gets hot up there.  I want Louise, who sleeps there to be comfortable.

As always, our health is a concern of mine.  Not that we are unhealthy, but I want to do all I can to be sure we are all well.  Louise did have a second bout with the flu, but got over it. I was a bit tired last week and had a severe headache, so had the sense to leave  work early and now feel OK.

Our daughter Ingrid is 13, she is officially a teen-ager and another life transition takes place.  On Saturday after her birthday greetings, she and Marge went shopping as a mild celebration and we all went out to dinner at a local restaurant we like to patronize.  Her school was sponsoring a showing of the movie “1766” so we went to see that after dinner. 1776-posterWe had seen it before and we liked it and it was worth seeing again  Unfortunately, there weren’t too many people there. We hope that the student council, the sponsors, made at  least some money putting it on.

For me, guitar lessons are coming along well.


12 string guitar

 The music store across from my Allentown office had a sale and I bought a 12 string guitar at a reduced sale price.  It seemed a good deal, and the 12 string has a richer tone, though a bit more difficult to master playing.

The guitar course is 8 weeks long and will soon be over.  They have an advanced course following this one, so I believe I will enroll in it.  I do enjoy music in any form and really enjoy the guitar.  I hope to improve both my understanding and technique.

I am getting to the end of refinishing the chairs I mentioned earlier.  I do like working with wood in many ways. I did have trouble with an earlier chair as the cellar is cold and I put on a second coat too soon to dry properly. The brush dragged and the end result was uneven.  I do believe that with considerable sanding and waxing it will look OK. Live and learn they say.  I learned that I will allow more time for the others to properly dry.  No big deal at all.

We had what is called an “onion snow” that lasted about a week and now has melted. For the uninitiated, that is a bit of snow coming after the onion sets are planted. Next we expect the considerable rain showers that are typical for this time of year.

March is a slow month.  It is too early to do Spring activities and we are tired of winter. Still, winter is not as severe as it was when we lived further north.orient-express We did see the film “Orient Express” with  Albert Finney and did enjoy that.  The quality of many movies, in my opinion is questionable, but this one was good.

So, little pleasures and little problems.  All part of the  rich fabric of life.  We move along, accept what comes and see what we can make of it for our needs and our pleasures.  That’s it for now.



About R. F.

I am a retired Professional Engineer who spent my working life in the electric utility industry. I am now a volunteer instructor at the University Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV).
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2 Responses to March 1975, Health, Teen Age, Music, Spring

  1. Allan T says:

    Hello Robert, as I write this, I realize that Fall has come to Vegas. We actually turned the heat on this morning, for a minute or two…. Wow, not that I miss the snow & rain from NY, but I do miss the ease of slipping into seasons. One day running around in shorts, the next day is sweats is not fun. Sorry, meant to chat about your ” memoir”! As I said before you are a lot more handy then I, sort of remind me that I never get that gene from my DAD. He could fix or make anything right…either that or he worked on it till it was.
    I have always loved music, but I/we were always part of the audience( still are) never “on stage”.
    Take Care, Allan

    • R. J. F. says:

      Hi Allan. I found that hands on activities were a relaxing outlet from being a Manager during my work week. I took classes,learned from others, etc, so I could do quite a few things around the home. When we first moved here, I learned the basics of tree trimming and liked to get up in my trees with a chainsaw and trim them properly. A nice Saturday activity in nice weather.
      Janet will probably be released today, but likely has a couple of months of therapy followup, though not every day. So, it will be a while until she is up to speed. I brought her my walker that was Marges but never used, and offered to keep the wheelchair in my car in case that was called for.

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