July 2017, Movie Nights

Movie night, what does that mean to you?  Well to me, it brings up Sunday late afternoons and evening here at my house watching films on TV with Janet.

Our church has a book club and they were reading “A man called Ove” It is about a Swedish man who was forced into retirement.  the book was popular and a film made from it. His wife had died and the movie started with him putting flowers on his wife’s grave in winter.   Sweden has plenty of winter weather.  On the surface, he seems like a grumpy old man, but with flashbacks, we see how the many good things he had done in his life.  He is trying to hang himself in his apartment different times but was interrupted.  On the last try, the rope breaks and he returns it to store for his money back, as it was advertised as good for all applications.

Janet is first generation Swedish-American on both sides of her family.  So was my dad; we both have Swedish genes and memories and the film seems realistic. Janet has cable but no streaming and asked me if I could find the film, which I did on Amazon.I have no cable, just WI-FI.  So a Sunday afternoon in early July she came over about 3:30, we had cocktails and then watched the movie.  We could relate the film to members of our own families and enjoyed it exceedingly.

By then we a bit hungry, but not exceedingly so we went to a nearby Applebees and ordered a dinner for two.  Marinara sauce and ziti pasta, salad, etc.  Quite good really and Janet even had some left over to take home.

A friend of Janet recommended the film “New in town” about a young female executive in Miami being designated as the president of a low performing factory in the fictitious town of New Ulm, Minnesota.  There is a culture shock to the woman as well as a climate shock, so she definitely wants to do the job assigned and go back to Miami.  Then a relationship develops between her and a man in the factory, a good guy with a teen daughter.  As you might expect, love conquers all and she saves the plant and the town.  I won’t spoil the film by telling how, but it is a pleasant romantic comedy. I did serve Kroger’s finest microwave popcorn, a bit sweet, but went pretty well with the movie.

We recently went to a new Italian restaurant near Janet’s.  It specializes in family style food.  We ordered a medium ziti and salad – feed3 –  naturally, some left over.  So naturally, some to take home.  I augmented the sauce and made a tossed salad for dinner on Sunday turned out pretty good.  Can’t say so much about my choice of wine. I really don’t know a lot about wine and it showed.  Whiskey is another matter, but it didn’t seem the thing to go with second-hand pasta.  Janet was very good about my poor choice and we went to the next feature movie. May be a short ad which I believe you can delete.

This was the first episode of the European version of the Dragon Trilogy 1.5 hours in length.  I think much better than the shortened American version even  in Swedish.”

With that, some Islay Scotch on the rocks for a good-night drink and movie night is over for this week.  I don’t have the book and Janet can’t find hers, so I lent her our 6 CD talking book version and possibly she can catch up with that.  Will see on the 13th.  Only 8 more episodes to go and I think movie night has legs, as they say for more Sunday afternoons.  Keep you posted.

This time we had Pizza and beer.  Janet brought the beer and I ordered a Pizza.  I tried ordering it from the new Amazon restaurant app.  It was a terrible experience.  Many of the restaurants yesterday were not available on Sunday.  I went through an agonizing ritual from one that was available and when I got to sign out, was notified it was not available.  So I ordered a Supreme from Pizza Hut and that worked reasonably well and I will never go near the Amazon site anymore.  My experience; BAD.

Janet had not seen Fargo from 1996 so I got that from Amazon.  Kind of grim in quite a few places, but had been decades since I saw it and Janet, never.

Slowly tanking up on Pizza and beer we finished watching episode two of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  I think the Swedish title is something like “Men who hate Women”

I could be wrong though, but something close to that.

This is getting to be a pleasant practice.  We can each share something for both of us to experience.  Next week Janet has some activity already on Sunday so that is out. Next one is the day Lousie and Jim will be here, shortly, for their trip home from Colorado taking Carina to college.

Movie night is off to a good start, perhaps go even further.  We are both octogenarians, we have our own activities and interests but sharing together is nice.  A few drinks, munchies and a couple of movies to watch. Not death defying daring by any means, but at this stage of life who knows about that?  Time will tell as the trite old phrase goes.



About R. F.

I am a retired Professional Engineer who spent my working life in the electric utility industry. I am now a volunteer instructor at the University Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV).
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8 Responses to July 2017, Movie Nights

  1. Scott Hammond says:

    Oh Uncle Bob!!! You still seem to stay quite busy with all the company you keep. It must be tiring to keep the house clean with all the company!!! Sounds like you are enjoying life during your retirement. Right now, I’ve started to contribute to my 401 (k) again. I don’t have nearly as much money as I’d like, but I still have a ways to go!! I love you lots and miss you too!!! Scott.

    • R. F. says:

      Scott, so good to hear from you. Yes, I am enjoying my retirement thank you. I own the home and the car and put money in 401(k) and no regrets at all. Try to put in at least up to where your employer matches, if they do that. I have my volunteer work which I enjoy, and two female friends. Janet is a BFF for sure, the other lady is a very smart woman as well as an extremely caring mother. so, life is good, long may it last.
      Did you see the internet article about the marriage of a 98-year-old man to a 94-year-old lady. His buddies kidded him about how it was being married to a cougar. They were not in wheelchairs, up and about as much as we are. The wife raised her skirt up enough for a picture of her marriage garter on her leg. What a hoot!! I would like to know them, might teach me a thing or two in case I get that far. Love to all.

  2. ingridmg2014 says:

    Since you posted this under the “55 Years” site I thought this was going to be another post about you and Mom. I remember that when we girls were growing up, “movie night” meant home movies in the living room with popcorn made in that popcorn popper that used the hot oil. 🙂

    • R. F. says:

      Yes, I just thought that it might be worthwhile to have a post about what my own life is and get around to the past soon. I think I will delete at least the site that had to do with Katharine Hepburn as that was never designed to be more than a class reference. It is a little bit of a pain compared to what it used to be to set up a post but I thought of a new one for me only “Angelparkbob” Janet and my night did have microwave popcorn, not as good but easier and our beverages were more adult. Stay tuned.

  3. JANICE TUCKER says:

    Hi Robert, not sure if it is me, but didn’t see a link to reply and or comment link on your post. Both Janice & I enjoyed the two movie post. I will not lie to you; although OVE looked good enough to go see, we do not do sub titles. Our loss I am sure. But NEW IN TOWN looked good, cute, a real chic flick. So we will see that, so I can see my Star Wars/ type movie.

    Janice & Allan


    • R. F. says:

      You could learn Swedish, the language of God. think about it. New was a nice chick flick, I forget whether it was on Amazon or Netflix, maybe both.

  4. ingridmg2014 says:

    I am glad you & Janet enjoyed “A Man Called Ove.” I saw it a while ago and thought of you, but did not say anything about it because I thought it might hit a bit close to home, what with being about a senior man of Swedish parentage who struggled with coping after the death of his wife. I did think of you when I watched it; I’m glad you appreciated the movie (even with subtitles!).

    • R. F. says:

      I didn’t relate much to his having lost his wife as that was just a scene to identify him. Also the gag with him returning the rope he tried to hang himself with as it was guaranteed good for all applications. Both Janet and I could see real actions that he took as being reflective of our Scandinavian parents. I watch the Swedish version of the Wallendar detective stories, and now the Dragon Girl trilogy so am quite used to the subtitles. Janet can catch a word now and then in Swedish and as you know, my hearing, even with the aids is a bit impaired and I often rely on subtitles, especially European English accents.

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