Marges Own Story About Her Cancer

Bob & Marge June 2010

Bob & Marge June 2010

I have created this post to keep friends and family updated about Marge. You can find more about the post by clicking the (About) button on the top of the page. Get started by reading this introduction to our website, 55 Years Together. The remaining posts deal with, in fact, our whole life together.   (Bob-Jan 2014)

Now from Marge back in 2010:

Please consider signing the Comments block with a line or two when you stop by. Thanks! All this started about 5 years ago in 2005, when I had surgery to remove some polyps from my colon. They turned out to be colon cancer. I had oral chemotherapy for about 6 months, and have continued to be followed by my cancer doctor, having various tests twice a year. All was lovely and boring until June, when a CAT scan showed “something” in my liver. So a PET scan was ordered, which came back positive for cancer. Then came a needle biopsy of the liver, and the cells that were captured showed that the cancer is closely related to the colon cancer cells from 5 years ago. So I have colon cancer in the liver. Although I had a colonoscopy at the end of April, another one was done after the biopsy, to see if there was a mass in the colon, which would have needed to be surgically removed. No mass was found, so I do not need surgery – at least at this time. I will be having chemotherapy, starting on Monday, August 30th. The expected regimen will be several hours at the Cancer Center, receiving injections of chemicals, and then wearing a pump for about 48 hours, which will continuously drip more chemicals into a “port”. (The port was inserted surgically into my chest last week, and has a thin tube inserted into a vein in my neck. This is to provide a way to more easily access my veins without continuously having to be stuck with needles. The port has a soft center where the needles will be attached – at least that is what I understand now.) The regimen will be repeated at two week intervals, for six sessions (3 months) when various tests will be repeated to see how the treatment is working. After that, probably another 3 months of chemo. Possibly radiation after all the chemo. That is all I know right now.

Epilogue: January 2014 (Bob)

Marge died from the cancer on October 28, 2012.  When she learned she had stage 4 cancer, we set up a blog on the CaringBridge site.  The text above is hers when we started posting.  I am slowly learning WordPress and hope to be able to re-edit and include here some of the prior CaringBridge posts since hopefully, this site will find some new readers.  I will also write some new posts about our life together, as well as I can remember, from the time we met until her passing.  This is my of searching for answers not with Google, but within myself.

My Story-2010


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I am a retired Professional Engineer who spent my working life in the electric utility industry. I am now a volunteer instructor at the University Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV).
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  1. Jo Ann Hays says:

    Seems you are off to a good start.

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