Remembering September – 1973

September…Fall will soon be on us, the heat and humidity of summer are over, school starts again and our lives follow the pattern of the seasons. The weather was warm at the beginning of the month but then the leaves began to fall and the month was a pleasant and productive one.

 We stayed home Labor Day and I did some yard work.  Day lilies grow wild in great profusion and I dug up and transplanted about 250 of them in our  yard to create a pleasant view looking toward the rear.  I find that physical work such as this is satisfying in a way that differs from that of being a manager.  Not better, just different and I feel more competent and self-reliant.

In our house, we bought some new furniture, Marge made curtains and I did some minor  needed repairs.   When we bought the house, the dining room was lit by a very cheap and cheesy looking light.  I bought a colonial style chandelier in kit form, assembled it, and installed it.  This made a big improvement and helped make the room more functional.

Upon our arrival at Coopersburg I attended an excellent course in woodworking and now have the tools at home to do basic cabinet making. I converted the fourth bedroom into a sewing center for Marge, and am well along on the electrical work and custom cabinets for her. These will soon be assembled and installed and I am, justifiably I think, proud of the result.  Slowly we are making the house our own as we put our own stamp on it.

Our trailer also needs some maintenance, nothing major.  I took it for an inspection and completion of some repairs by a local small trailer dealer. I did winterize the plumbing and heating to prepare for the winter.  I located a decent trailer park close to us that charged only $50 to park it for the off-season.  We can also use it then, though I doubt as we will, since I have winterized it. We would have to do without water, or refill the drain lines with antifreeze which seems more bother than it is worth.  But maybe.

Ingrid went to a retreat at Stroudsburg, PA and the rest of us stayed home. Marge wanted to attend, but is coming down with a cold and  Louise appears to be going to get it as well.  Fingers crossed, but I don’t think I will catch it.

Of course school started after Labor Day. Ingrid  is going to a different school this year and did have some “jitters” settling in but got over this phase quickly. Louise is attending school full-time now and the three of us are taking piano lessons.  We found a competent piano teacher who makes house calls so we worked out a schedule that allows all of us to take lessons.  Not Marge though.  She did study some piano and even organ in college, but is not now interested in playing.  She does sing in the church choir as she reads well and has a strong and pleasant Alto voice.

In summary, a pleasant and productive month as we head into Fall.



About R. F.

I am a retired Professional Engineer who spent my working life in the electric utility industry. I am now a volunteer instructor at the University Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV).
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2 Responses to Remembering September – 1973

  1. Allan T says:

    Sounds like life is good, I wish I was half as handy as you seem to be. I did not inherit that gene from my Dad, he could build anything or fix anything he touched, I broke( an still do) anything I touch.

    • R. Johann says:

      Hi Allan, My Dad couldn’t do any of the stuff around the house. He had to ask a buddy or pay somebody. He did paint, but didn’t even take the cover off the electrical outlets, just painted over them. But I wanted to build stuff so I took courses in woodworking, shade tree auto repair, things like that and learned I could do quite a bit. I even trimmed the trees on the lot where we first moved to. It was very satisfying to be able to do things with my hands, and not shuffle papers and deal with personel problems as I did while being a manager.

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