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July 1978

Summer vacation time in PA. Trips for me, mostly business related. I had a speaking engagement in Chicago and made a side trip to Dearborn, home of many museums and similar places of interest. I took a trip at Memorial day to Tampa to spend a few days there with a friend and so some sailing in the Gulf. That was a lot of fun. I went to Poughkeepsie, NY to visit a counterpart at Central Hudson Power. Marge and I both went to Williamsburgh, VA as I was going to a trade show of electric utility vehicles. Marge did some shopping and sightseeing. We left the girls at home and had a very nice time together. Pleasure with business, a good combination. I had a new eye exam and also a detailed hearing exam. Some minor problems but nothing serious. I took up the jogging craze and find it is a good way to unwind after a day at the office and get in good physical shape. I took the exam for a Professional Engineering license 20 years after graduation. It was exhausting but I believe I did OK. Future summer plans involve going to Virginia Beach with another couple for a vacation which we are all looking forward to. Continue reading

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Winter Wonders 1976

41 years ago, Thanksgiving and Christmas, trips, work, hobbies, cars and familys memories Continue reading

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Jan 1975, national economy, holidays, travel plans, new and old hobbies

A new year is upon us.  Unfortunately it doesn’t seem  better than last year. For us as a family the situation appears OK. Nationally is a different matter. One month we hear of a tax surcharge, than a tax rebate. … Continue reading

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Remembering September – 1973

September…Fall will soon be on us, the heat and humidity of summer are over, school starts again and our lives follow the pattern of the seasons. The weather was warm at the beginning of the month but then the leaves … Continue reading

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PA 1972 – 1973

Back to the Pa. suburbs at Beverly Hills.  We did make a trip in December to spend time with Marge’s sister Pat and her family in Penn Yan, NY. The weather was cold for December, but reasonable for January though … Continue reading

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Mind Probing Bob & Marge – Personal Interests

Time. Time and time again. What is time?  My dictionary first defines   time as a noun : the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole; when used differently time is a verb, … Continue reading

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Marge’s Autobiography 1970-1980

I had not found a place to include some more of Marge’s autobiographical statements, and this seems a good place to pick up again.  At the time this segment begins, we had moved to Coopersburg, PA to the Beverly hills home.  She … Continue reading

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