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September 1977

Trailer traveling from PA to FL. To the Tampa FL area in July. (NO A/C on the trailer…THINK about that!!) It was my wife Marge’s wish to take some spoken Spanish classes with some people she knew. We both learned some about the life experiences each of us had. Very Good. Very positive. So if you want to go on the road, please join us here. Continue reading

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March 1977

Another family memoir, this time in March, 1977. Our vacation plans for a trip South. A sick pet and an orthodontist for Ingrid. Join us. Continue reading

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February 1977

Our family life in Eastern Pa in early 1977. Our children, our day to day lives over 40 years ago. Continue reading

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Mind Probing Bob & Marge – Personal Interests

Time. Time and time again. What is time?  My dictionary first defines   time as a noun : the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole; when used differently time is a verb, … Continue reading

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Bride – Child

Horses are beautiful animals.  How useful they were to the human race for travel, farming, hunting, making war, racing, etc. As a boy, I remember them still being used as work animals, primarily for plowing, harrowing and otherwise tending to … Continue reading

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Marge’s Autobiography 1970-1980

I had not found a place to include some more of Marge’s autobiographical statements, and this seems a good place to pick up again.  At the time this segment begins, we had moved to Coopersburg, PA to the Beverly hills home.  She … Continue reading

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Marge’s Legacy (1)

  Christine suggested to me that Marge’s letters and papers were a legacy to me. As I was cleaning out her old files and papers, I regarded myself a best a custodian, just cleaning things up. So, what do you … Continue reading

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