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Winter 1978

Unusual, for us, stormy weather in January and February of 1978. This did cause some difficulty for me getting to work in Allentown due to drifting. Home repairs and improvement included putting a new relay in the furnace. That was easy. A harder task was getting up on the roof chipping ice from the flashings and repair interior water damage to the floor in place. Marge and I went to a local dinner theater a few times and also to a local production of “A Dolls House” Very pleasant. Marge’s sister Pat, fiance Adam, and her children Kathleen and Scott paid us a visit. Ingrid and I went to dinner on her birthday and to the movie “Close Encouners” Continue reading

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Furniture fun

Back pain and my journey making my home more livable buying new furniture and discarding old Continue reading

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Mind Probing Bob & Marge – Personal Interests

Time. Time and time again. What is time?  My dictionary first defines   time as a noun : the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole; when used differently time is a verb, … Continue reading

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