April 1974

March surely did go out like a lion this year.  We had about an inch of snow on March 31, but it didn’t last long.  The snow flakes were big and wet, came down hard for a few hours and then stopped.  I believe this was the last hurrah!! of winter. Good riddance I say.  After moving from to PA from NY, we learned that this snow is known locally as onion snow. This baffled me for a bit as the snow did not look a bit like onions.  I did learn that many people put in their onion sets in late March or April, and snow at this time gets that peculiar name.  It never lasts long, not quite spring and winter is not quite over.

Ever hear that old crack “I opened the door, and in flew Enza?” Anyhow somebody must have opened the door in March as we all dealt with it.  It took me about a month to really get over it.  Guess what else I had? Headaches and inner ear problems.  Bummer!!! Louise had it off and on but is getting better now.

Ingrid started that right of passage, the Orthodontist. The trauma of having separators put on her teeth made her more than a little out of sorts for the next day. She should be completely wired up in a day or two.  

I always enjoyed making things, taking them apart and hopefully putting them together again.  I used my sick time somewhat productively by working on my electronics correspondence course. I have built two of the nine kits on the TV sets so finishing it should be no problem whatsoever.

The gasoline shortage seems to be resolved now, though with higher prices. The stations are selling on Sunday and the lines, if any, are only a car or two long.  So, we decided to take a spring vacation after all. Here are some similar photos of a smaller trainer by the same manufacturer. 

  We plan on making another trip to North Carolina, visiting Marge’s relatives and doing some sightseeing. We have plenty of literature of literature and have a plan; we are all looking forward to this trip. It would be nice to see the coast again, but I don’t think we will have time to fit that in this time.

Freezing rain as well as snow make for a dismal month so we delayed getting our trailer ready for the trip.  Toward the end of April, the weather became quite nice and we were able to work on our lawn as well as work on the trailer at the parking site.  We are all looking forward to an early start on Spring with our trailer vacation.

Our poor old Rambler wagon is having its death throes I fear.

Rambler Wagon

Rambler Wagon

 It makes increasingly more unhappy noises.  The trouble is the starter itself and although replacing a starter is not rocket science, I will try to get rid of the car rather than spending any more time trying to repair it.  Enough is enough and the end of dear old Rambler is near, one way or the other.

Early March  brings the Shrine Circus to town.  I have not been to a circus in decades and we decide to take the family there for Ingrid’s birthday. This was a pleasant family adventure and a change in pace for us all.

This month was good for one thing.  That is sitting around the fireplace and listening to the wind blow.  Just the thing to heighten our expectations for our spring trip, even if spring only can mean lawn mowing, and our lot is quite steep.  Just a part of the joy of suburban living. 





About R. F.

I am a retired Professional Engineer who spent my working life in the electric utility industry. I am now a volunteer instructor at the University Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV).
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