Easter Vacation 1974

I think that a slight change in style is proper.  My sources, other than memories, are letters and notes from the time period in the blog title. I am trying to correctly represent that by writing in the past tense , perhaps adding a bit to it.

Spring finally came in mid April.  We did retrieve our trailer from it wintering place and brought it home.  The gasoline situation had improved and we decided to take the vacation which we had planned months before. We did leave on April 11 which was a bit late.  We did not as far as we wished the first day.  

We did get to Winston-Salem, NC on Friday and stayed at a small mobile home court that had some spaces for over night travellers. Salem itself has many restored buildings which was our goal for Saturday.

Louise was not feeling well and she and Marge did not go on the city tour but Ingrid and I did. I attended a service that night at the Home Moravian church  which was very pleasant. Louise became steadily worse, in fact fell from the sleeping area over us which was distressing to all.  There were no cell phones in those long ago days, but there was a public phone at the travel court. I was able to find a hospital and we took Louise to it. Fortunately the city is not too large, and with Marge’s help, I was able to follow directions to the hospital emergency room. In the wee hours of Sunday morning the ER had a few knife wounds, and other evidence of fights. Louise then had a temperature of over 104, but no other symptoms. An ER doctor examined her, gave her some medication and we all returned about 3:00 a.m.  This cancelled our plans for attending the Moravian Salem Easter service which we understood was very moving. The Moravian Church uses brass music often.  Many of the street corners had brass trios which we had wanted to hear, but we were all in for doing any sightseeing.

We went to Hendersonville, NC and stayed at the Alpine Trailer court which was quite nice and the owner was very obliging and helpful.  We visited Marge’s uncle Franklin Uhlig, and her aunt Louise.  We ate dinner with them and two of his sons and their families.  The meal was at Franklin’s country club with a pleasant view and delicious food.

Our Louise was still not entirely well and we did nothing much on Monday, and did some travelling on the Blue Ridge Parkway on Tuesday.

We left on Wednesday and Louise’s fever again spiked 104.  We made a daytime side trip to the ER at Whytheville, VA.  We filled a penicillin prescription and drove home the next day, cutting short the rest of the vacation. This symptom never recurred again and we have no idea what the cause was.  None of the rest of us had any symptoms. 

I went to work on Friday which was a nasty day for weather.  Saturday was pleasant and I rented a roto-tiller to dig up the garden.  Marge was enthusiastic about planting, but when the weeds came, her enthusiasm dropped considerably. 

The weather turned very warm at the end of the month. Our flowers and bushes were blooming and I had already mowed the grass at least twice.  Our contractor paved the driveway at the end of the month and it looked better than just a truckload of gravel spread over the drive area.  Some dirt was left over from the construction which we used to lessen the slope of the lawn in places and plant flowers there.  The rocks and junk we dumped into a vacant lot next to us.

In our vicinity, there is a natural formation of an acre or two with “ringing rocks” on the ground. Officially it is the Ringing Rocks County Park, a Bucks County park which we visited. When struck, the rocks did send a metallic tone quite like hitting an anvil with a hammer.  Different sized rocks provided different tones.

At the end of the month, our plan was to attend a trial trailer outing with a camping group. Their literature seemed a bit over organized, but we decided it was at least worth a trial outing.


About R. F.

I am a retired Professional Engineer who spent my working life in the electric utility industry. I am now a volunteer instructor at the University Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV).
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5 Responses to Easter Vacation 1974

  1. Allan T says:

    Hi Robert, well I guess that was not a “fun trip”; VERY STRANGE ABOUT INGRID! Maybe she didn’t enjoy trailer life, and that was her way of saying so. Don’t mean to joke, I can only think about how scary being away from home and having your child become sick can be to parents!
    Neat about the “singing” rocks though! Never heard of something like that.

    • Louise says:

      As Ingrid mentions, it was me, not her. And it was not my way of saying I didn’t enjoy trailer life — I really liked going camping in the trailer! It was fun getting to sleep up in the top bunk. But not so much fun for the people underneath when I went plop on top of them in the middle of the night.

  2. ingridmg2014 says:

    Hey, there, Allan! It was LOUISE who became ill and fell from the “sky” (ok, really the trailer’s bunk bed) smack on top of Mom & Dad in the middle of the night–not me! 😉 And no, it certainly was not anyone’s idea of a fun vacation. Oh well.

  3. Louise says:

    I have heard this story so many times that I can’t remember how much of it I actually remember and how much I remember from hearing the story. I guess I was delirious from having such a high fever and was thrashing around in the upper bunk which is how I ended up falling out on top of Mom and Dad (sorry!) I don’t remember anything about going to the hospital except at one point they wanted to take an x-ray of me and I was afraid that it was going to hurt. And in a way it sort of did, because they had me stand up next to a wall and put my chin in a chin-rest of sorts that was attached to the wall to get a chest x-ray. I had to stretch my neck up so high just to reach the chin-rest and then hold it there still while they took the x-ray that it hurt while I was holding it still. But that’s all I remember. A weird footnote of my childhood.

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