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A Tale of Two Obituaries

Life and death, sex and solitude, remembrance, log cabin, childhood memories, small towns, reconnecting Continue reading

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November News – 1975

Allentown November, very proper British clothes, car wreck, our music interests, ending in Thanksgiving. Continue reading

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Mind Probing Marge and Bob – Sex

Sex!! where would we be without it? Of course, you wouldn’t be at all, unless you were conceived miraculously. Christianity, Buddhism, aboriginal beliefs, and other religious systems have similar tales,  so that idea is part of our Jungian collective unconscious thereby explaining the mystery … Continue reading

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Mind Probing Bob & Marge – Work

WORK Lyrics -Anna Louisa Walker Coghill “Work through the morning hours; Work while the dew is sparkling, Work ’mid springing flowers; Work when the day grows brighter, Work in the glowing sun; Work, for the night is coming, When man’s … Continue reading

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It was the Best of Years, It was the Worst of years – Last Episode

Writing is an unnatural act, as Charles Darwin observed.  It is so for me as it was for him.  I remember living in Binghamton when Ingrid was 3 years old.  We both enjoyed taking a stroll down Leroy street. One … Continue reading

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Till death do us part

We married  in 1960. The service was conducted  by the chaplain of the S.U. chapel and as I recall the ending of the marriage vows finished with the phrase which is the subject of this post. This is then followed by … Continue reading

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Parental Debris

What was  your face before you were born?  I think that or something very close to it is a Zen koan, designed to get us out of the thinking patterns we have become accustomed to.  Here’s something of my own … Continue reading

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